Online – Enacting the Curriculum using play-based learning, with Alice Ball

Professional development (PD) Auckland

Posted: 26 August 2021
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Play The Curriculum and Childhood  Part 1 & Part 2

Part 1:

This workshop will provide teachers with opportunities to reflect on both their own play as a child and the childrens’ play  they observe within a classroom setting. This session will also focus on developing understanding about how children are exploring ideas and learning whilst they play. Understanding why children play, their desire to play in ways that help them learn and develop relationships will also be examined in the context of the curriculum learning outcomes.

Part 2

This workshop will support participants to develop an understanding of  how both The New Zealand Curriculum and the Te Whāriki Early Childhood Curriculum can be enacted through a play-based learning classroom. There will  also be an opportunity to discuss how to manage the learning outcomes of everyday classroom routines such as tidy up time! Participants will engage with ideas for developing a play-based learning classroom that meets the interests and needs of their students.

Both workshops will support educators with a deeper understanding about how children's learning is multifaceted and interconnected with their world and teaching can support that exploration and development.

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11 November 2021 – 11 November 2021

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