Online – Whakatupu Kahika – Te Reo Māori Workshop

Professional development (PD) Auckland

Posted: 26 August 2021
Notice reference #: 1HAPHj

This practical learning Te Reo Māori workshop is designed for both new and experienced teachers through differentiation of content and material. It provides an opportunity to build further understanding of Te Reo Māori and how it can be incorporated into classroom practice.

These workshops will encourage teachers to:

  • Engage with Te Reo Māori
  • Incorporate Te Reo Maōri and Tikanga Māori into daily routines, enhancing classroom culture
  • Gain awareness of how Te Reo Māori and Māori culture can be integrated within other curriculum areas
  • Learn and teach Te Reo Māori through interactive games, adding fun to learning
  • Grow Te Reo Maōri proficiency.

These workshops also support the outcomes and objectives of The New Zealand Curriculum and Tū Rangatira Māori Medium Educational Leadership.

At the completion of the course participants should be able to:

• demonstrate shift in confidence, awareness and ability to integrate Te Reo Māori and Tikanga Māori within professional practice and personal situations

• articulate growth in Te Reo Maōri proficiency

• display improvement in pronunciation and understanding of Maori words and phrases

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24 September 2021 – 24 September 2021

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Contact: Kohia Centre

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