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Posted: 17 August 2021
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9-10.30: The relationship is everything – Toni Christie

Children learn through responsive and reciprocal relationships with people places and things (Te Whāriki, 2017, p. 21).

We become who we are through our relationships with others. Therefore, it follows that in order to build a society of people who are capable, competent and behave with kindness and empathy towards each other, our focus must first be on the quality of the relationships and initial attachments infants have with the significant adults in their lives.

This presentation will unpack concepts such as key caregiving, continuity, the interbrain, self-regulation, the triune brain, developmental domains, the danger of deterministic thinking, co-regulation and teacher wellbeing.

10.30-11: morning kai break

11-12.30: Welcome to the whänau – Lauren Ryan

Settling is one of the most important experiences during a child’s time in ECE. Drawing upon recent TLIF research of pathways (transitions) into the centre, practical tips and tricks will be shared to ensure the settling experience is smooth and successful for all. Settling is not just about settling a child, but their whole family and much, much more. In this workshop we will think and reflect more about ways to wrap around each family, create partnership and a culture of whanaungatanga during settling processes.

12.30-1.15: kai

1.15-2.45: Inspirational not institutional – Robin Christie

Children are miracles. We can choose to create environments for miracles not minimums. (Anita Rui Olds).

Inspirational, not Institutional!

Our infant and toddler spaces reflect who we are as a learning community – curious, functional, and beautiful! This lively presentation will showcase simple room setups in infant and toddler settings using readily available materials, including those drawn from upcycled and natural sources.

Cost: $180 per person (includes morning tea and a light lunch).

Childspace Institute, 45 Helston Rd, Johnsonville, Wellington, 6037.

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04 September 2021 – 04 September 2021

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