Supporting Learners in Mathematics

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Posted: 10 August 2021
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This full-day workshop is perfect for teacher aides, learning support assistants and/or learning support coordinators to support learners in mathematics.

The day comprises 4 key parts:

1) Exploring number progressions to provide participants with a clear picture of next-steps for the learners they support.

2) How to support learners with developing number knowledge using a number knowledge boosting programme (COSMDBRIC) that can be used to supplement accelerating learning for target students. Participants will know how to run a the programme, be given full access to the resource, and know how to refine and tweak the programme to ensure maximum effectiveness. *Please note, there are no further costs associated with using this programme for participants.

3) How to support learners with developing number strategies through effective use of materials. Participants will become familiar with how to effectively use a range of basic maths equipment to develop conceptual understanding of number strategies and we will share some easy tips and tricks to get the best use out of materials. Participants will also get the opportunity to observe the use of materials in a modelled teaching session with a small group of students.

4) Supporting learners with best practice and nurturing happy confident mathematicians.

Venue: Northcross Intermediate School, North Shore, Auckland

Time: 9:15am–2:45pm

Cost: $175+GST

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29 November 2021 – 29 November 2021