Leading Key Culturally Responsive Practices in your School

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Posted: 02 August 2021
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Cognition Education warmly invites school leaders to join us for an interactive workshop ‘Leading key Culturally Responsive Practices in your school.’

Cultural Capability is currently one of the national priorities that underpin regionally-allocated PLD. In this workshop learn more about how your schools’ leadership team can enable culturally responsive teaching and learning.

We will explore the foundational aspects of the Relationship First programme and how these areas of practice make significant, meaningful and sustainable change for marginalised students:

 • Collecting voice through focus group interviews

• Coaching and mentoring using evidence-based observation data

• Developing instructional leadership practices

• System-level transformational needs analysis.

In this session, leaders will also hear from Russell Bishop and directly from local schools sharing their experiences of implementing Relationships First. 

Join us:

• Naenae Intermediate, Lower Hutt - Wednesday 8 September, 1:30pm–3pm. 

About Relationships First

Relationships First is a programme developed in collaboration with Emeritus Professor Russell Bishop, including the work of his most recent publication, “Teaching to the North-East: Relationships-Based Learning in Practice”. Our PLD programme is based on over a decade’s worth of research into the ways power sharing relationships and transformational teaching practices transform indigenous learners’ schooling experience.


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08 September 2021 – 08 September 2021