Supporting Students to Edit their Writing

Professional development (PD) Auckland

Posted: 30 July 2021
Notice reference #: 1HANh0

Sheena and Louise will share practical ideas for establishing editing routines and supporting students to improve their writing. This workshop will reference ideas presented in chapter 6 of ‘The Writing Book’. 

Workshop outline

Session 1: Introduction

  • Introducing editing
  • Models for editing and reviewing writing
  • Organising students writing books
  • Editing codes. 

Session 2: Mini-lessons

  • Exploring mini-lessons that teach recrafting and proofreading. 

Session 3: The writing lesson

  • Reviewing opportunities in the writing lesson for editing. 

Session 4: Guided writing

  • Supporting students to review and edit their writing during guided writing. 

Session 5: Quick Writes

  • Reviewing Quick writes that support editing.

Events summary


28 August 2021 – 28 August 2021