Free Teacher Resource Kits for L P Hansen's YA Books

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Posted: 20 July 2021
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Free teacher resource kits have been written for all YA books by L P Hansen, including the most recent, The Dark Quest of Countess X – A Call to the World’s Youth, (2021). The author spent 15 years teaching communication at universities and polytechnics and this background guided her writing of these teachers’ resources available on her website.

The illustrated kits relate to the education curriculum and includes varied activities involving all the key competencies. Discussion, research, design, song writing and more enable Y8-13 students to creatively explore topical issues. There are teacher takeaways as well.

See for a free download of Teachers' Resource Kits for the following 4 books:

  • The Dark Quest of Countess X – A Call to the world’s Youth, (2021) Social Justice
  • The Fire Keeper’s Girls (2018) Multiculturalism
  • Bad Oil and the Animals (2016) Sustainability
  • An Unexpected Hero (2014) Community engagement and beliefs

Further information

Contact: Linda Hansen

 (04) 236 7788