Growing Great Leaders™ Level 1

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Posted: 13 July 2021
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Are you a principal or school leader and looking to lift your school achievement and enhance student outcomes? The Growing Great Leaders™ 3-day workshop will provide you with a proven approach and strategies to enable you to thrive within your leadership role.  

In this workshop you'll learn how to:

  • Lead school improvement.
  • Effectively collaborate with staff.
  • Build coherence across school leadership.
  • Influence outcomes for students. 
  • Understand the power of relational trust.

Can be accessed using regionally-allocated PLD.

MODULE 1: Student-centred Leadership
Reflect on your own leadership beliefs and the impact these have on student outcomes.

MODULE 2: Building Relational Trust
Highlights the influence of trust on the quality of student outcomes.

MODULE 3: Establishing Goals and Expectations
A focus on the quality of goal setting in your own kura or school.

MODULE 4: Resourcing Strategically
Critically reviews the way your resources are used to promote valued student outcomes.

MODULE 5: Solving Complex Problems
Address these within your kura or school.

MODULE 6: Ensuring Quality Teaching
Consider the influence of teaching on teacher actions and student outcomes.

5 August (9:30am–3:30pm)

31 August (9:30am–3:30pm)

21 September (9:30am–3:30pm)

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05 August 2021 – 05 August 2021


31 August 2021 – 31 August 2021


21 September 2021 – 21 September 2021

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