Professional Training in the Brick-by-Brick Programme (Formerly LEGO Based Therapy)

Professional development (PD) Auckland

Posted: 29 June 2021
Notice reference #: 1HAMZ3

New Zealand's only licensed Play Included trainer, Dr. Camilla Nguyen, is offering professionals the opportunity to become accredited facilitator in the Brick-by-Brick programme (formerly known as Lego-based therapy). Working with LEGO foundation, Play Included is the leading resource in the Brick-by-Brick programme. The programme is highly structured and uses children’s own natural interests in LEGO to promote development of social communication and play.

This training is suitable for psychologists, teachers, RTLBs, social workers, counsellors, play therapists, SLTs, OTs and other professionals who work with individuals on the autism spectrum or related social difficulties. Upon completion of this one day workshop delegates will be accredited by Play Included, endorsed by Autism Research Centre, University of Cambridge, and have access to downloadable resources to set up their own Brick Clubs.

Dr. Camilla Nguyen is a specialist child and adolescent clinical psychologist who runs Brick Clubs with children across Auckland. She has researched and collaborated with the pioneers of LEGO-based therapy Professor Simon Baron-Cohen and Dr Gina Gomez la Cuesta, as well as delivered extensive training to professionals in New Zealand and overseas.

To find out more about the Brick-by-Brick programme, please go to Play Included website .

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12 August 2021 – 12 August 2021

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