Dunedin–Introduction to CPA and Mastery Approach: Intermediate and Early Secondary

Professional development (PD) Otago

Posted: 21 June 2021
Notice reference #: 1HAMA0

How to support students with the CPA (concrete, pictorial and abstract concepts) approach for mathematical understanding and learning.

Numicon and Discovering Mathematics are bringing the “lab” into the secondary school program with apparatus to make learning in maths accessible to all students of all levels.

Numicon and Discovering Mathematics are a hands-on structured resource that makes maths learning obvious to you and your students.

With decades of pedagogical theory combined with teacher research Numicon will develop your ability to facilitate a program that helps children learn concepts in greater depth. This proven approach boosts teacher confidence and in-depth level of mastery in mathematics for all students. If you would like to learn more about Numicon’s fun and structured resources and programme to bring the joy back into maths learning please join me!

Target group; intermediate and secondary classroom teachers and teacher aides, SENCO's, learning support staff.

This course will cover the use of apparatus to help with number sense, part/whole thinking, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, place value, decimals and percentages, integers, algebra and more.

All attendees receive a complimentary maths bag to use with their own students. Morning tea will be provided please bring your own lunch.

Date: Friday 13 Aug 2021
Time: 9.30am–3pm 

Venue: 38 Riselaw Road, Dunedin (Old Calton Hill School Site)

Please book using the website link below. 

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13 August 2021 – 13 August 2021

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Contact: Katie Bowles

 (09) 579 7997