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Posted: 04 June 2021
Notice reference #: 1HALYM

Science Kiwis launches their new free STEM resources website for primary and intermediate teachers and students

Science Kiwis have set out to help kiwi kids reach their potential, to be leaders on a global stage, and shape the future of science, as so many brilliant Kiwis have done before.

The Science Kiwis website has STEM experiments and STEM challenges, including student worksheets as well as STEM recipes, teachers notes and STEM concept cards which are all available to download for free, no sign up required, making it as easy as possible to access quality STEM education.

Science Kiwis currently has over 100 STEM experiments on their site already with another 400 planned for the site by December 2021.

There has been a growing demand in New Zealand for quality STEM resources from both teachers and students looking for e-learning STEM material.  

With the growing popularity of STEM education globally and more schools implementing STEM learning into their curriculum, Science Kiwis wanted to provide a platform so that any school, teacher or student could access quality free STEM resources that have been created by brilliant scientists, extraordinary engineers, marvellous mathematicians, creative coders and ground-breaking industry leaders of technology. 

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