BORN TO MOVE Leadership Programme

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Posted: 02 June 2021
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Date: 18 June 2021

Time: 9am–1pm. 

Venue: Roscommon School – 23 Burundi Avenue, Clendon Park, Auckland 2103

Spots available: Number dependent 

The BORN TO MOVE Leadership Programme equips teachers with the knowledge and resources to facilitate student learning so they (the students) can instruct BORN TO MOVE. The Leadership Programme enables students to use their leadership capabilities by providing live group movement activities for their school and the wider community. 

BORN TO MOVE is a movement experience choreographed and designed by youth for youth. The combination of modern music with movements such as dance, martial arts, plyometrics, strength, core, yoga and relaxation is the building blocks to inspire a life-long love of movement for youth.

What will I learn during the teacher training workshop and what is included? 

During the workshop, teachers will learn the fundamentals of BORN TO MOVE and how facilitating the programme will look like through a 'student lens'. They will experience firsthand what they will be asking from their students in order to successfully implement the programme.

The BORN TO MOVE Leadership Programme includes: 

  • Teacher training (Two hours of self-directed learning online & a four-hour workshop with BORN TO MOVE trainers) 
  • Digital Resources with updated releases every 6 months  
  • 3 follow-up online/face-to-face opportunities for students post-training 
  • Ongoing support available via email/phone. 

What does a successful outcome look like? 

Your school will have a qualified team of BORN TO MOVE leaders who regularly take their school through a live class to support everyday health. You can extend the participants to include whānau and the wider community, with before or after-school sessions to promote the need for movement on a larger scale. 

BORN TO MOVE Leadership Programme is FREE  

*T&C's* Only if schools meet the critical requirement of providing evidence of children learning/teaching the programme. 

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New Zealand (nationwide)

18 June 2021 – 18 June 2021

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Contact: Peg Lockyer

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