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Posted: 01 June 2021
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Digital Technologies beginner to extension: 

  • Develop computational and algorithmic thinking
  • Explore different types of code and start with block-based coding
  • Create personalised interactive stories, animation and games
  • Teachers are welcome to access resources / sessions alongside their students.

Digital Citizenship

  • Learn digital literacy skills and knowledge about safety in the digital environment
  • Explore online attitudes and values and develop digital fluency.

Web Design

  • Learn how websites and the internet work
  • Explore website design elements
  • Develop and adapt wireframes (plans) for websites 
  • Create websites using Google Sites.

Enrolments close 28 June 2021. Classes start term 3, 26 July 2021.

All enquiries please contact us as below.

Further information

Contact: Rachel Whalley

 (027) 656 6140