Supporting Social and Moral Competence

Professional development (PD) Auckland

Posted: 05 May 2021
Notice reference #: 1HAKP7

Social and moral competence enables children to interact with others in a variety of ways and contexts.

Maintaining positive relationships with peers and adults is critical for future success. It is through positive relationships that children learn best.

This workshop will include a range of practical and flexible strategies including:

  • Understanding expectations around the six areas of respect,
  • The importance of giving clear and achievable instructions,
  • Establishing consistent routines,
  • Developing care and empathy for others,
  • Building resilience,
  • Knowing the 3 things that undermine compliance and
  • How to achieve ‘the power of once’.

Implementing these strategies will create a calm, peaceful, harmonious, and relaxed environment which will enable children the space to continue to
grow in their social and moral competence.

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10 July 2021 – 10 July 2021

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Contact: Linda Ward

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