Digital Fluency for Teacher Aides

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Posted: 22 April 2021
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The Digital Fluency for Teacher Aide workshop is fully customized to the needs of the workshop attendees, to help them improve their knowledge and skills in using Digital Technologies for their professional development.   

Some topics covered are:

  • Google Classroom & Microsoft Teams
  • Getting the best out of iPads, Chromebooks and Windows 10
  • Using KAMAR to set up Groups to reduce your admin workload
  • Miscellaneous bits and pieces that people have needed!
  • Plus more based on participant learning needs.

Who are these workshops for?

These workshops are for Teacher Aides who want to begin using or upskill their knowledge in DigiTech to support their work and professional development. 

This hui is not about assistive technologies for students, although we will look at what can be used on computers to support learning.

Event dates

The five workshops are run during 2021, you are welcome to attend one or all events. 

Wednesday 16 June, Thursday 22 July, Monday 4 October, Wednesday 17 November, the final date is TBC.

Investment and Funding options

Each workshop is $250 p/day which includes 1-day training, delicious catering, and follow-up resource development.

You are able to apply for funding from the Teacher Aide MoE PLD pilot fund. These funds cover your release costs (to ensure you are paid for the day) and travel costs for the day. 

Please visit our website to learn more about what is covered during these workshops, how to access and apply for funding, and booking your place. 

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16 June 2021 – 16 June 2021

Further information

Contact: Arnika Macphail

 (021) 992 931