River Restoration: Kaitiakitanga from Estuary to Catchment

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Posted: 19 April 2021
Notice reference #: 1HAK0y

During this online field trip we will follow the journey of Kaikaiāwaro te taniwha up Te Hoiere awa (Pelorus River), to explore how modern day kaitiaki are working together to restore and sustain this beautiful awa.

Kaikaiāwaro, the dolphin taniwha and kaitiaki, carved Te Hoiere awa out with his nose and guided a descendent of Kupe, Matua Hautere who was travelling in his waka 'Te Hoiere', into the area. The descendents of Matua Hautere (Ngāti Kuia) settled in this place, naming it and the awa 'Te Hoiere' after their waka.

This online field trip supports a STEAM-based, cross curricular approach to teaching and learning. Participation encourages curiosity, citizen-science and student inquiry.

The online field trip resources include:

  • Background reading and narrations
  • Supporting quizzes, activities and links
  • An opportunity to connect with awa experts in real-time
  • Field trip videos
  • A Google Earth for Web tour
  • A chance for students to share their own ideas!

Events summary

New Zealand (nationwide)

03 May 2021 – 14 May 2021

Further information

Contact: Barrie Matthews

 (027) 223 0342