Ready, Steady...Literacy!!! with Jenni Keely

Professional development (PD) Auckland

Posted: 16 April 2021
Notice reference #: 1HAJuy

This workshop begins with a discussion on setting up literacy programmes in junior classrooms before breaking into sessions dedicated to exploring oral language, reading and writing with an emphasis on the reciprocity of all three of the above foundational skills. The Literacy Learning Progressions will be unpacked, and examples provided of how they can be utilised to inform teaching and learning.

This workshop will highlight the importance of oral language as a platform from which to grow children's literacy confidence and skills.  Oral language progressions will be explored, and practical ideas shared to support the development of these skills. 

A focus on reading and writing programmes in junior classrooms will explore practical ways to assess, address and advance early literacy skills. 

Learning outcomes 

At the completion of the course participants will understand:

  • The Literacy Learning Progressions and Oral Language Progressions
  • How to use the above documents to inform planning and teaching of reading and writing
  • The types of practical ideas that support the development of oral language skills
  • Practical ways to assess, address and advance early literacy skills
  • The reciprocal relationship between oral language, reading and writing and ways to integrate the teaching of these skills.

Events summary


03 June 2021 – 03 June 2021

Further information

Contact: Kohia Centre

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