Te Ara Poutama Guiding your Strategic and Annual Planning for Success

Professional development (PD) Canterbury

Posted: 31 March 2021
Notice reference #: 1HAJQx

Strategic planning is essential for any business to develop and grow. Strategic planning is about grounding your centre or service in its mission, vision, and values. It’s important to take the time to think through where it makes sense to focus your energy and resources in order to reach intended outcomes and results. Having a well-developed strategic plan will ensure all managers, kaiako and other staff are aligned and working toward common goals. These goals, of course, have our tamariki at the centre of them and are aimed to help further develop curriculum, teaching, leadership, governance and management as well as internal and external review for improvement. To support our Strategic planning, it is also important to develop annual plans. Think of an annual plan like Google maps! It’s vital for setting your overall direction and it contains milestones that carry the plan forward through a series of smaller goals that lead to a broader vision of where your centre/service aims to be by the end of the year.

In this workshop we will delve into the purpose of strategic and annual planning and look at how your centre/service can develop their strategic and annual planning to be more robust and beneficial for kaiako, tamariki, whānau and your wider community. We will unpack so as to better understand Te Ara Poutama and look at how this can link to your strategic and annual planning as well as share practical tips on making strategic and annual planning simpler to follow and the goals obtainable.

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08 May 2021 – 08 May 2021