Best Practice Begins with Structured Literacy Workshop

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Posted: 17 March 2021
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It is inspiring seeing many schools celebrating non-readers and those struggling to learn to read. We are experiencing Maori learners achieving at the same rates as NZ European, high engagement, and classroom teachers succeeding at what they went into teaching for. How has this come about? The implementation of Structured Literacy in classrooms is all about ensuring success for all as well as embedding a consistent evidence-based pedagogy. 

Join Learning MATTERS Founder and Managing Director, Carla McNeil and Consultant, Sarah Stock as they walk you through the Science of Reading and the elements and principles of Structured Literacy. They will share with you the process being implemented in over 50 schools nationwide that is making a difference to so many students.  

A great day for those teachers and schools considering the transition to Structured Literacy. 

Learn about: 

  • How ALL brains learn to read (the Science of Reading simplified) 
  • Assessment tools that align with Structured Literacy  
  • A sneak peek into resources that align with and support Structured Literacy 
  • Why explicitly teaching spelling is crucial and what this looks like 
  • A sneak peek into Syllable Types and Syllable Division 
  • An introduction to the iDeaL approach to Structured Literacy. 

PLEASE NOTE: Should Covid-19 alert level changes impact our ability to deliver face-to-face full-day workshops these will be delivered remotely on the date scheduled across three 1.5  hour blocks. No refunds will be given.

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