Growing Pedagogical Leaders - Series of Workshops

Professional development (PD) Hawke's Bay

Posted: 04 March 2021
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Leadership for What Matters Most in Our Schools

We are bringing a fresh approach to our work in growing pedagogical leadership capabilities in our schools.

Firstly Stephen and Judith are offering interviews with participants before and in between each workshop to grow relationships, engaging in dialogue around the current reality of each individual’s journey.

From these conversations, workshop content will be designed to support the participants’ growth and development. Meetings in between workshops will provide an opportunity for modelling, coaching and mentoring techniques, setting leadership goals along with an action plan for growth and development.

Workshops will be designed to:

● Grow your courage ● Enhance your sense of purpose ● Explore your leadership mindset ● Develop your ability to build trusting relationships ● Narrate your story ●


  • Workshop One: Wednesday 30 June
  • Workshop Two: Wednesday 4 August
  • Workshop Three: Wednesday 10 November

Events summary

Hawke's Bay

30 June 2021 – 10 November 2021

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Contact: Judith Price

 (021) 805 715