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Posted: 02 March 2021
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Growing Great Leaders™ SOLO (GGL™ SOLO) is a series of six, self-managed, video and website-based modules. Video modules are complimented by a series of structured back-in-school self-managed activities to help ensure that your new learning is quickly put to use in your school setting.

Growing Great Leaders™ SOLO uses the Student-centred Leadership model (Robinson, 2011) as its structural guide, and builds on two key research assertions:

Effective education leadership makes a difference to learners, and requires in-depth knowledge of leadership and the core business of teaching and learning.

While educational expertise is a necessary condition for effective leadership, it is not sufficient on its own; leaders must also build relational trust.

Growing Great Leaders™ SOLO is designed for school leaders who want to independently manage their own leadership development with the support of a proven leadership development resource. GGL™ SOLO contains six comprehensive modules, each presented following a predictable and easy to understand format. A typical module includes:

  • a pre-recorded, high quality video which shares relevant educational insights through an engaging series of in-seminar activities
  • a set of recommended activities to guide back-in-school action
  • a condensed academic reading which summarises and extends key ideas from the session
  • back at school activities and challenges

GGL™ SOLO participants also have access for up to six months to a comprehensive website dedicated to your leadership. The site features:

  • online smart tools and templates
  • short case study videos featuring the insights of real leaders in real schools
  • additional books, readings and articles
  • general program information and materials.

Events summary

New Zealand (nationwide)

16 April 2021 – 31 December 2021

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Contact: Donna Kerkmeester

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