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Posted: 22 February 2021
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NCEA is the first step towards higher education but in this rapidly changing world, students face lots of financial challenges that can put their future at risk. Our new NCEA Level 1 and 2 Achievement Standards resources, will prepare them to make tomorrows financial decisions with confidence and they can gain credits for it in maths and economics!  This is a game changer for students, so please join us for an in-depth session to learn all about these exciting new learning and assessment materials and help your students to level up their money skills. 

What you will learn

In this webinar, we’ll talk through how to use the resources to support your students to gain Achieved, Merit or Excellence towards their NCEA Level 1 or 2 certificate qualification, including:

  • What the five new NCEA Achievement Standards modules and learning and assessment materials for Levels 1 and 2 look like
  • How to weave the modules into a programme of learning
  • What themes they align to and how we’ve integrated real-life situations into the learning materials
  • What money skills your students will learn.

Who should attend?

All teachers and school leaders are welcome to attend, whether you’re already using the Sorted in Schools, Te whai hua, kia ora! programme, or just starting out.

About the presenter

Jill MacDonald, Learning Specialist, Sorted in Schools

Jill has been actively supporting schools and teachers to help get Sorted in Schools integrated into teaching since July 2019. She previously came from Hobsonville Point Secondary School as Learning Design Leader of Mathematics. Jill will be hosting the meeting and answering any of your questions.

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Further information

Contact: Jill MacDonald

 (021) 660 467