Lego Based Therapy Facilitator Training

Professional development (PD) Hawke's Bay, Canterbury

Posted: 19 February 2021
Notice reference #: 1HAH74

LEGO-Based therapy is a evidence based social skills program developed for people on the Autism Spectrum by Daniel Le-Goff and Simon Baron- Cohen. It has been successfully replicated across the world, and fits well into the New Zealand and Australian context. It is an excellent therapy model for clinicians and professionals with existing skills and knowledge in group theory, clinical reasoning and Autism. 

This therapy model coaches group participants to work as a team, using LEGO in a structured way to achieve an outcome together as a group. The intrinsic value of LEGO for the participants means that motivation and volition is naturally high, so learning of the social skills is accelerated. Research has also shown the skills learned in the group naturally transfer well to other settings such as from the clinic setting to the home. 

Elen Nathan is an Occupational Therapist who has specialised in Sensory Modulation and Autism. This full day workshop also includes how to structure a group using group theory, with tips and tools around using LEGO for sensory regulation so the sensory needs of the group are met first to ensure all participants are regulated and organised, enabling them to participate in the group to their full capacity. 

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Hawke's Bay

12 March 2021 – 12 March 2021


11 June 2021 – 11 June 2021

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