Energise – Sleep and Fatigue Workshop, with Dr. Mary Miller

Professional development (PD) Auckland

Posted: 26 January 2021
Notice reference #: 1HAGKT

Energise – sleep and fatigue workshop

The stresses of modern life can leave us feeling tired and can affect the quality of our sleep. Fatigue has a strong effect on our ability to function at our best and can negatively influence our mood and our ability to cope.

Sometimes the reasons for our tiredness are obvious, and at other times there can be an insidious creep over time of stress that affects our wellbeing. Often stress impacts on our ability to rest and relax at the time when we need it most. We can develop good habits to maximise our energy levels and learn how to support our body to rest. When our energy levels improve we can confidently move forward in our lives.

Learning outcomes 

  • Learn what happens when we are asleep
  • Understand the effects of sleep deprivation
  • What causes sleep difficulties
  • How to improve sleep and energy levels.

Events summary


08 April 2021 – 08 April 2021

Further information

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