Self-regulation, Behaviour and Social Competency

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Posted: 14 January 2021
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Presented by Ali Porteous.

“View a child differently and you will see a different child”- Dr Stuart Shanker.

In this day and age, we are seeing children with much higher levels of stress than ever before and this can result in many undesirable behaviours. But how do we respond to the many differing needs of our tamariki in a centre environment? This workshop will help you discover all about Dr Stuart Shanker’s ‘Self-Reg’ process that will revolutionise the way that you view a child. From misbehaviour to stress behaviour, and from attention seeking to relationship seeking.

Participants will:

  • Gain an overview of Dr Stuart Shanker’s 5 step Self- Reg process
  • Learn the difference between stress behaviour and misbehaviour
  • Discover the neuroscience behind children’s brain development and how this impacts their behaviour
  • Explore how stress can manifest itself in many different ways, and what this may look like over 5 different domains: biological, emotional, cognitive, social, and pro-social
  • Learn how to become a ‘stress detective’ and help children to return to a sense of calm and well-being
  • How to structure your learning environment to help bring a sense of calm to your space
  • Explore how you can work together as a team, to ensure there is a consistent approach to promoting positive social relationships.

This event runs from 9am to 3pm.

Cost: $195 per person (includes morning tea and a light lunch).

Location: Quality Hotel Elms, 456 Papanui Road, Papanui, Christchurch 8542.

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08 May 2021 – 08 May 2021

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