Think Like an Adult, Play Like a Child (Language and Literacy Development)

Professional development (PD) Canterbury

Posted: 08 December 2020
Notice reference #: 1HAFNv

This immersive taster-day is specific to early years provision. We explain how a core 'storytelling way' of teaching and learning enriches and develops children's spoken language and emergent literacy, hones executive function abilities, extends play-based learning, and paves the way for the transition to school.

The event is intended for all educators working in any early years setting. We explain our storytelling pedagogy and practice and show you how to place 'story' at the heart of early education. We show you how to become the best story-reading and storytelling teacher, how to embed language in memory and how to extend children's thinking from 'story.'

The best teachers are storytelling teachers!

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04 March 2021 – 04 March 2021

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Contact: Lisbeth Swanson

 (027) 211 1212