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Posted: 16 November 2020
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GROW 14 – Steering Students Towards Meaningful Spoken Communication

We are excited to invite you to be part of our 2021 GROW programmes.  There is a professional development opportunity for every teacher of languages in Aotearoa; better yet, it’s FREE.

Communication is at the core of the Learning Languages Area. This programme is intended for languages teachers of levels 1-4 of the NZ Curriculum, who would like to inquire into improving student outcomes, with a particular focus on increasing students’ spoken use of the language. It will be relevant for primary, intermediate and secondary teachers, whether new or experienced in teaching a language. Ellis’s Instructed Second Language Acquisition: A Literature Review and An introduction to the concept of intercultural communicative language teaching and learning: A summary for teachers, which both underpin this area of the Curriculum, will be of particular importance to teachers in this programme. Your inquiry question during in-school support visits will focus on at least one principle included in these documents. Teachers will also be encouraged to trial a ‘task-supported’ approach to their practice.

  • Workshop 1 – Full day Monday 15 February 2021 9am–3pm
  • Workshop 2 - Online Wednesday 3 March 2021 3.30–5.30pm
  • Workshop 3 - Online Wednesday 14 April 2021 3.30–5.30pm
  • Workshop 4 - Full day Monday 17 May 2021 9am–3pm
  • Workshop 5 - Online Wednesday 4 August 2021 3.30–5.30pm
  • Workshop 6 - Online Wednesday 20 October 2021 3.30–5.30pm

To find out more about this and all our programmes, and to register, please visit https://tinyurl.com/GROW2021

Events summary

New Zealand (nationwide)

15 February 2021 – 20 October 2021

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Contact: FLS Centre for Languages

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