Change and Transitions for Children and Young People on the Autism Spectrum

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Posted: 23 September 2020
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Children’s Autism Foundation presents “Dealing with Change and Transitions”, an interactive 2hr workshop for parents, families and teachers/professionals who live with, teach or engage with children and young people on the Autism Spectrum.

  • Learn why change and transitioning is so difficult for a child with ASD
  • Understand micro and macro changes and how they affect children
  • Explore how the constant change we’ve experienced in 2020 has affected learners
  • Leave with practical tips & strategies to better support children through the change and transitions in their life.

This workshop is essential if you are working with a child who often refuses to attend school, is moving to a new school, teacher or syndicate next year or simply struggles with small daily transitions in the learning environment.

Topics include:

  • Daily transitioning (at home, at school, in the community)
  • The big transitions – transitioning through life
  • Practical strategies and resources to support change and transition.

This workshop is presented by Emma Bartlett, an experienced Children’s Autism Foundation Family Consultant who works daily with families living with ASD. 

Date: Wednesday 4 November, 7–9pm.
Venue: Jack Dickey Community Hall, 174 Greenlane West, Auckland.
Cost: $50 incl GST per teacher or TA*

* Quotes available to enable applications to the MoE Pilot Fund for TA Training.

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04 November 2020 – 04 November 2020

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