The Alpine Fault: When AF8 Goes Big!

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Posted: 23 September 2020
Notice reference #: 1HABQY

The Alpine Fault is one of Earth's most impressive geological features and capable of generating big earthquakes; in fact we're already a little overdue for one.

Scientists are trying to understand how the Alpine Fault works and how a really big earthquake will affect land, infrastructure and people. Such an earthquake will be felt by everyone in Aotearoa so we need a coordinated response, and AF8 (Alpine Fault magnitude 8) is helping us get better prepared.

In preparation for this field trip, LEARNZ content will support inquiry into:

  • New Zealand's tectonic plates
  • Our natural hazards - earthquakes, tsunami, landslides, (volcanoes)
  • AF8, a coordinated programme to help New Zealand be better prepared for the next big Alpine Fault earthquake
  • Māori accounts of landscape formations in Te Wahipounamu
  • Preparing for natural hazards
  • Responses to natural hazards.

 During the field trip you will:

  • Follow tweets from Shelley, the LEARNZ field trip teacher
  • Get to know scientists studying the Alpine Fault; AF8
  • Gain an understanding of Māori perspectives on, and connections to, the South Island and the Southern Alps
  • Learn about Mäori creation stories alongside the latest findings by earthquake scientists'
  • Experience 'The Shake Table'
  • Find out about GeoNet, a partnership between EQC and GNS Science
  • See how GeoNet uses smart technology to monitor earthquakes and much more
  • Follow the history of ruptures along the Alpine Fault
  • Drive through the dramatic landscape of the Southern Alps
  • Learn about AF8 and how an Alpine Fault rupture might impact you
  • Find out more about earthquakes as a hazard
  • Get to know what emergency managers do.


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New Zealand (nationwide)

03 November 2020 – 05 November 2020

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