Posthumanist Perspectives in ECE Webinar Series

Professional development (PD)

Posted: 16 September 2020
Notice reference #: 1HABFY

Early childhood kaiako know that theories are valuable tools to help think about their work with tamariki and whānau. Posthumanist thinking opens up new ways for early childhood kaiako to understand who they are and how they are connected with other humans, non-humans, and materials in early childhood settings.

Posthumanist ideas will be gradually introduced over four webinars alongside ECE examples, with prompts for reflection and discussion by participants.

By the end of each webinar, kaiako will be able to use new concepts to think about their work with tamariki and whānau. Having these tools in their theoretical kete will enrich professional discussions and documentation.

Each webinar takes between 35–45 minutes to complete.

They are available to purchase as a full series, or separately.

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