ASPIRING NLP – Leading a Generation with Grit and Courage

Professional development (PD) Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Wellington, Canterbury

Posted: 15 September 2020
Notice reference #: 1HABBH

The Aspiring NLP is designed for leaders within the education sector who aspire to accelerate their career through growth in their personal leadership capabilities, as well as add value to their teams and colleagues within their school environment.

Frequently we see teachers being promoted without being equipped,
or equipped via a cookie-cutter model (OSFA) that fails to empower or develop the leadership capabilities. We combine expert coaching and a customised leadership development plan based around each delegate’s strengths, as well as adding value to their aspirations.

Aspiring NLP serves to provide the leadership insights, tools and skills to propel good managers into positions as great senior leaders/principals. You will network with a nationwide community of life-long learners and expert Kaiārahi.

"I love how the ASPIRING NLP has been designed to make you dig deeper into how YOU tick and get to the essence of what makes you the best YOU, you can be! It is not just a course on how to manage people and school administration, but one that covers inner leadership qualities and what it means to lead from your core values. It gets you to think about who you are as a leader and how you want to lead. It will teach you to embrace courageous conversations and how to have these with confidence, while maintaining the mana of all parties involved. I highly recommend the ASPIRING NLP to all future and present school leaders. Dare to Lead!" Deputy Principal (Sarah Carr)

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01 October 2020 – 01 October 2020


02 October 2020 – 02 October 2020

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05 October 2020 – 05 October 2020


06 October 2020 – 06 October 2020


07 October 2020 – 07 October 2020

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