Teacher Aides Supporting Learners in Mathematics

Professional development (PD) Auckland

Posted: 26 August 2020
Notice reference #: 1HAA9a

A full day workshop designed for teacher aides in supporting learners in mathematics

Date: Monday 21 September 2020, or Wednesday 27 January 2021

Time: 9.15am–2.45pm.

Venue: Long Bay Primary School, Ralph Eagles Place, Long Bay, Auckland.

Cost: $170 +GST

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The full day workshop includes:

1) What can the students do now, and where to next? Exploring progressions in mathematics to provide participants with a clear picture of next-steps for the learners they support.

2) How to COSMDBRICS boosting programme to develop number knowledge and accelerating learning for target students.

3) Effective use of materials to develop number strategies.

4) Supporting Learners with Best Practice.

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21 September 2020 – 21 September 2020


27 January 2021 – 27 January 2021

Further information

Contact: Jo Knox and Marie Hirst

 (021) 771 651