Emotional Intelligence: Building the Resilience Necessary to Flourish

Professional development (PD) Wellington

Posted: 14 August 2020
Notice reference #: 1HA9pB

Professional development opportunity for principals, education leaders, councillors, teachers, and mentoring opportunity for senior students

How to Escape from Prison: Overcoming the barriers that hold us back and flourishing through adversity. How can we learn to develop and help others develop a thick enough skin to be resilient?

Bestselling author, Dr Paul Wood is an expert in emotional intelligence and assisting professionals and others in realising their potential, navigating uncertainty, and thriving through adversity.

In a rare public talk Paul will be sharing key insights and tools that will benefit your teams and students in their own pursuit of excellence, meaning, and wellbeing.

Paul will be using his own inspiring story of transformation from imprisoned delinquent to Doctor of Psychology and contributing member of society to illustrate key insights that will enable all to more effectively, flourish in our professional and personal lives.  

Thick Skin - AM Show Interview

What Principal Chris Theobald had to say after engaging with Paul:
"Our staff are used to professional development based around various educational foci, however Paul was able to quickly capture everyone’s attention and engage us all throughout our session. The clarity and concise nature that Paul was able to deliver complex and powerful messages to our staff was admirable, everyone in attendance from caretaker to teacher aide to new entrant teacher continues to share key messages that they took away from our time with Paul."

This event would be valuable as a mentoring/growth opportunity for senior students, please contact the organiser to explore opportunities for their free attendance.

Date: Wednesday 2 September

Time: 5.30–6.30pm

Cost: $27.32


Alan Gibbs Centre Auditorium, Wellington College, 15 Duffrin Street, Mt Victoria, Wellington

All proceeds to support Crossways Community Creche fundraising efforts to repair their roof.

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02 September 2020 – 02 September 2020