A Balanced Reading Programme – Reviewing the Approaches

Professional development (PD) Gisborne

Posted: 05 August 2020
Notice reference #: 1HA9ZW

In this workshop, Sheena and Louise will review the modelled, shared, guided and independent approaches and share practical ideas for planning a realistic and manageable reading programme at all levels.

Session 1: An overview of a balanced reading programme

• Unpacking the reading process

• Creating opportunities for oral language in the reading programme

Session 2: Shared reading

• Using the shared reading approach at all levels of the school to explicitly teach comprehension, critical thinking and decoding

Session 3: Guided reading

• Planning and organising guided reading lessons

• Reviewing a range of generic activities that engage students, reduce teacher planning and offer an alternative to worksheets

Session 4: Independent reading

• Reviewing the importance of independent reading, including ideas to motivate and engage students in the reading process

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04 September 2020 – 04 September 2020