Healing Stories

Professional development (PD) Auckland, Waikato

Posted: 03 August 2020
Notice reference #: 1HA9RY

Time: 7–9pm.

Stories shape our lives!

Our stories of the past, present and future. Learning Stories are a powerful tool to support positive learner identities, they also illuminate our contexts and relationships. The role of the story teller is a powerful one, and we are all story tellers. Some years ago I was a performer in Playback theatre and also did some work with Facilitated role play. In both of these domains we worked with peoples stories. Sometimes the story endings were adjusted or new roles experimented with for therapeutic befits. I have been inspired by Susan Perro’s book “Therapeutic Storytelling” and have written some healing stories for the children I work with who have experienced some upset or trauma.

These have included stories to help with transition to school, nightmares and death. In this lecture I will share my learning journey with writing Healing stories. We will look at the role of metaphor and how to craft a healing story. Please bring paper and a pen you enjoy writing with for the workshop part of the evening.

Julie Killick has been a Kindergarten teacher since the early eighties. For about fourteen years during that period she has worked in adult education, including six years as a facilitator with ELP. For the last three years she has been Head Teacher at Chelsea Kindergarten. Julie is wildy passionate about teaching, and writing Learning Stories is a big love.

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