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Posted: 13 July 2020
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Choose from the following workshops held at Northcross Intermediate School, North Shore. Just $60+GST per participant.

Option A (1:30- 3:00): Putting targeted teaching/needs-based workshops into practice
During this workshop we will collaboratively plan and co-teach small groups of students. We will consider The Teaching Model and how to use materials effectively to develop conceptual understanding of a specific learning goal.

Option B (1:30- 3:00): Exploring and developing worthwhile mathematical tasks.
There are big differences between mathematical tasks that are just “busy work” and ones that worthwhile and purposeful. In this session, we will explore a range of different tasks and consider the purposes of each type of task. Participants will come away with strategies for tweaking tasks to make them richer as well as a bank of useful sources of tasks.

Option C (3:30- 5:00): Effective teaching and learning of basic facts
Fluency is a word often confused with speed. This workshop will dispel some myths around basic facts. Participants will leave knowing how to teach basic facts effectively and a bank of useful activities to support student understanding.

Option D (3:30- 5:00): Connecting and building on student thinking at the end of a collaborative, problem-solving lesson.
A common difficulty that teachers face when conducting collaborative problem-solving lessons is how to facilitate meaningful discussions at the end of the lesson. This plenary part of the lesson is crucial involves helping students to see connections between the solutions that are shared and the learning goals of the lesson. Without this explicit connection-making, the majority of class thinking is unlikely to be advanced. Students also need to be kept engaged and accountable during student presentation. In this session, we explore what this practice looks like and how this can be achieved.

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31 August 2020 – 31 August 2020

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Contact: Jo Knox and Marie Hirst

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