Maths in a New Entrant Setting, with Jo Williams

Professional development (PD) Auckland

Posted: 10 July 2020
Notice reference #: 1HA90r

Maths in a new entrant setting

This course will explore practical and visual ways to teach real-life, integrated maths to new entrant children. It aims to bring the fun back to maths in the classroom!

The session will highlight the links between maths and literacy across all curriculum areas. It will also address the transition of maths from early childhood settings to primary with an emphasis on developing early foundation skills.

Participants will look at examples of different maths approaches and have the opportunity to collaborate around ways to plan and organise maths programmes that can work effectively at this level.

Specific activities for developing problem-solving skills and early place value concepts will be explored.

Ideas on setting up maths learning areas and storing, accessing and using equipment and resources will be provided. Supporting resources such as maths games, independent activities, websites and further readings will be shared.

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01 September 2020 – 01 September 2020

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Contact: Kohia Centre

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