Building Resilience and Mental Wellbeing for Teachers and Students

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Posted: 07 July 2020
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Building resilience and mental wellbeing for teachers and students with Dr. Mary Miller

Life can throw us all challenges in many shapes and sizes. Sometimes our situation changes and we may find ourselves in a place of uncertainty. We can’t control what happens to us in life, but we can learn skills and techniques to help us cope and grow through challenge and change. Teachers manage many different dynamics and personalities throughout the school day. Through understanding our unique strengths and weaknesses we can understand how stress may affect us all. Learn how to cope with uncertainty, how to effectively respond to challenges and how to care for ourselves in times of stress. We can develop our own “tool kit” so that we have the skills and resources to confidently face our future. We can learn skills and develop understanding of cognitive behavioural therapy that strengthen our psychological wellbeing. Learn how to use mindfulness skills, identify the values that motivate and inspire us, and commit to actions that take us towards a rich and meaningful life. Developing these skills can help prevent or minimise stress, burnout, and anxiety, often experienced by teachers caused by the ups and downs of everyday life. When our wellbeing is strong it leaves us free to grow to our full potential and support our students to also manage their stress and anxiety. 

Skills are taught in ways that support both teachers and students

Mary Miller currently works in private general clinical practice, as well as running mental wellbeing training for businesses (

She has previously worked at the Auckland District Health Board, at a private eating disorder service and in private general clinical practice.

She has also lectured on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) at Auckland University of Technology (AUT).

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24 September 2020 – 24 September 2020

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