Decisions of a Writing Teacher, with Gail Loane

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Posted: 01 July 2020
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Decisions of a Writing Teacher
The child: the heart of the matter with Gail Loane

This day workshop will have at its centre young writers and their writing.
We will explore moment-by-moment decisions that a successful writing teacher makes in response to the needs and conversations of developing authors.

This will also include:
- beliefs which drive our writing programme and the environment we set up
- planning for writing to:

  • serve student needs – whole class needs, group needs, individual needs
  • satisfy curriculum needs
  • explore a context
  • strategies we develop, and use, to support our teaching of writing – for example
    ‘The Helping Circle’ as a demonstration of community – a place where we learn to:
    - edit, proofread, and craft our own writing
    - share our efforts and respond to the writing of others
    ‘The Author’s Chair’ as a way to help young writers reach into their memories
    ‘The Writer’s Notebook’ as a seedbed for writing
    - teacher and student as learning partners
    - the language we use – what we say matters – every word counts - the ‘talk’ of partnership
    - how young learner-writers can use other authors as their teachers through modelling
    - the (draft) writing book as a record of progress – of both students and teachers
    lesson design using a ‘direct route’ to the intended learning.

Gail brings her experiences as a teaching principal, a language advisor and a writer to her work. Her book I’ve Got Something to Say is a personal account of her experiences in the classroom as she learned to teach writing in a way that enabled her students to know and develop their own authorship. The popular book is a journey-map for teachers (and parents) to assist their young writers to authorship.

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22 October 2020 – 22 October 2020

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