Make Learning Magical...Bring Back the Joy

Conference / AGM Auckland

Posted: 30 June 2020
Notice reference #: 1HA8gD

Transform your teaching and create unforgettable experiences in your classroom.

Make school a place where students are inspired, empowered and immersed in learning. 

Bring back the laughter, fun and joy through the arts, dance, drama, science and play.

Create your own little bit of magic and make your classroom come alive.

We are going to have the most magical day with Michelle Dickinson and Kathryn Berkett offering keynotes, but we have a selection of wand-busting workshops to make your classrooms come alive!

Workshops :

  • Creative Drama -  access your own creative courage but be prepared to get actively involved!
  • Jellybeans Music -  unpack the positive impact music has on all learning
  • Bringing the Magic Back into the Classroom - inspire and ignite creativity in the classroom
  • Learning Through Play - think outside the box and challenge yourself to start this in your school
  • Health and Movement becoming the best me - get off your devices and move. 

Events summary


01 August 2020 – 01 August 2020