Adolescence...The Neuroscience of This Incredible Transition

Professional development (PD) Auckland

Posted: 30 June 2020
Notice reference #: 1HA8fv

Understanding Adolescence/Understanding Ourselves

The neuroscience of the stress response, Red Brain/Green Brain activation

  • Why our adolescents live more in their Red Brain, hence being more emotional/moody/withdrawn
  • The three stages of adolescence
  • Specific changes that occur during adolescence, and their behavioural impacts.

Adolescence is a period of development from dependent child to protective parent.There are so many changes that need to neurologically occur in the brain for this ‘upgrade’ to happen. This workshop will work through these ‘upgrades’, the reason for them and the behavioural outcomes.

We will also understand about the emotional ‘sandpapering’ in the brain that can occur. This may result in increased emotionality, sort of like having a ‘two year old’ back again – but with a more sophisticated verbal capacity!

Through understanding what is going on, we can become more forgiving and supportive, two factors that will significantly improve the transition for them.

You will learn enough to take back specific strategies to your schools.  These strategies may even be helpful in your own whānau (and even for ourselves).


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13 August 2020 – 13 August 2020