Tabitha Leonard - Using the Deepen Teacher Inquiry Framework

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Posted: 06 March 2020
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Tabitha Leonard – Using the Deepen Teacher Inquiry framework to inform coaching conversations that shift teacher practice and student learning

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This session draws on Tabitha Leonard’s book Deepen Teacher Inquiry and provides an opportunity to consider  different ways teachers gain insight into learning in the classroom. The course  provides an introduction to the Deepen Teacher Inquiry Framework and how to leverage shifts in both teaching pedagogy and student learning. The session also examines skills and collaborative and inclusive strategies used to reframe the purpose of inquiry and looks at how inquiry must connect with agreed purpose rather than compliance.

Tabitha Leonard is an education consultant, specialising in utilising design thinking to unpack projects and design solutions. This approach is central to the work she does with schools and their focus on critical inquiry practices. Tabitha is the co-author of An Action Research Project with SOLO Taxonomy., "How to tell if it is making a difference."

She  works alongside educational leaders and classroom teachers to build their capability and capacity as inquiring practitioners through quality critical inquiry in the form of action research learning projects. Tabitha brings experience in coaching teachers to grow a learning culture that will result in evolutionary – transformational change.

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14 May 2020 – 14 May 2020

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