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Professional development (PD) Canterbury

Posted: 14 February 2020
Notice reference #: 1HA5LK

The disparity of understanding with how the ECE sector view children’s learning to how the primary sector view children’s learning is still so different in many setting across the country. I believe it is our role to strengthen the pathway and enable the smooth transition for our children between their ECE setting and that of primary school.

Currently the incongruence between how a child is expected to act and learn at Primary school and how their learning is valued in ECE needs to be balanced. We need to continue to build the awareness and be open and honest about the incongruence to ensure our children are well supported in their continued learning journey. I believe that our role as their ECE teacher should not stop when they are gifted to their primary school.

This course will enable and equip you with the open mindset of viewing primary school as an extension of our ECE setting. We need to collaborate and work alongside our local primary schools long before the children turn 5-years-old.

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08 April 2020 – 08 April 2020

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