School Leavers Toolkit Workshops, Terms 1–2

Professional development (PD)

Posted: 24 January 2020
Notice reference #: 1HA4s9

The University of Otago, Education Support Services is providing a series of nationwide workshops, in both English and Māori medium, introducing teachers to the school leavers toolkit. The school leavers toolkit aims to provide students with practical life skills, including financial capability, civics education, key work place competencies and personal wellbeing.

This series of workshops, workshop 1 delivered in term 1 and workshop 2 delivered in term 2 will support teachers to engage with the school leavers Toolkit including:

  • Identifying strengths and gaps in preparing school leavers within their school and kura,
  • Reviewing approaches to whānau engagement,
  • Exploring Toolkit resources, and
  • Planning for ongoing action.

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There are no course costs to attend these workshops.

Further information

Contact: Narda Howard

 (03) 479 4900