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Posted: 23 January 2020
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The New Zealand Certificate in Skills for Living for Supported Learners is a new qualification that is aimed at young people who are working at Level 1-2 of the New Zealand curriculum.  They are young people who require ongoing support with their learning, and up until now have been following NCEA programmes.  With the review of NCEA it is likely that students with a range of learning challenges will be functioning below the requirements of NCEA Level 1 (L 6 of NZC).  This is the perfect fit for purpose, and relevant alternative qualification for this group of students.

Its focus is on developing a set of competencies that provides the opportunities to practice life long learning skills  in a wide range of contexts. Schools can access this qualification through the NZQA approved SPEC programme.  The programme engages young people in  personalised learning, accommodating different learning styles and an extended timeframe. There are 62 different titles from which to choose from.  The programme requires 11 titles to be completed.

Students who embark on this programme demonstrate a raised sense of self esteem and self worth and feel that they are on an equal platform to their peers, working towards a credible qualification that will appear on their record of learning.

The day will provide sufficient background knowledge to be able to implement the programme successfully. The day is for any new school or new teacher to SPEC, or for existing schools who may want to refresh their knowledge.

9.30am–1.30pm Morning tea included and a set of three complimentary supplements plus other supporting material $195 per delegate. for Booking Form

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