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Professional development (PD) Canterbury

Posted: 15 January 2020
Notice reference #: 1HA4YN

Goal setting days are over! It is time that we look at our teaching journey in the same light that we look at our children's learning - from an inquiry and investigative point of view. We are forever evolving in our teaching practice and that is exactly how it should be, it should have no end and should not have an expectation of 'when I get there'...because, where is there?

Join me, while I share with you the importance of inquiring into a subject, teaching strategy, interest, trigger or intrigue that is happening in your teaching today! This course will help you to recognise the most authentic pathway for inquiry that will support you to deepen your understanding of how and why you teach the way you do.

This course will provide you with not only the mental and emotional tools to inquire authentically, it will also provide you with the paperwork, templates and strategies to make this new way looking into your practice as well as ensuring you are meeting your Teacher Registration requirements in a way that benefits YOU!

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19 February 2020 – 19 February 2020

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