STEAM Learning Collaboration

Professional development (PD) Auckland, Waikato

Posted: 08 January 2020
Notice reference #: 1HA4J9

STEAM learning is a misunderstood phenomenon, even among the curriculum developers. This collaboration will address this issue through ongoing interactions. 

New Zealand schools are expected to be more proactive in this area but only a few schools are really offering STEAM programmes. Many schools lack essential resources for hands-on activities or simply do not STEAM teachers. Parents and learners are keen on regular STEAM programmes. 

This is yet another effort to bring like minded people to collaborate for devising a starter STEAM programme in their schools. 

I have been running regular live streaming STEAM classes from Auckland to many schools in China. China is hungry for STEAM learning.

We can run online live streaming STEAM classes for many schools in New Zealand through Zoom or Beatapp digital media platforms. 

For more details, please contact me at or ph (021) 215 2850.


Events summary


06 February 2020 – 06 February 2020


20 February 2020 – 20 February 2020


27 February 2020 – 27 February 2020


05 March 2020 – 05 March 2020


12 March 2020 – 12 March 2020

Further information

Contact: Melvin Din

 (021) 215 2850