Building Resilience for our Students (Webinar)

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Posted: 17 December 2019
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We use the word ‘resilience’ all the time. We all want to be resilient and to build resilience in others. But what does the word ‘resilience’ actually mean?

This session will use neuroscience, biology, and psychology to unpack what resilience actually looks and feels like. This way we can recognise when it exists, and also learn how to create/build it in ourselves and others.

We will also understand how our modern environment is often limiting the development of resilience. Through this recognition, we can take steps to mitigate this.

Rather than some major undertaking, building resilience is about ensuring we create multiple moments of tolerable stress, within a supportive, attuned relationship. And the exciting news is, that we are doing it, we are raising resilience every day in our environments. We just need to do it more explicitly and accurately. 

The information in this session will help us all, it is for ourselves and those we support.

What you'll learn:

  • What resilience ‘looks like’
  • What can impact the development of resilience
  • How we build resilience in ourselves and others

Target audience:

Those who have the capacity to build attuned relationships with tamariki and rangitahi, and the desire to increase resilience in them.


When: Tuesday 25 February 2020 @ 3:30pm (1 hour)

Cost: $195 +GST per school (Up to 50% OFF for small schools – see full details)

Register now, even if you are unable to make the live webinar, no problem! Register anyway to receive a recording after the event.

About the presenter:

Kathryn Berkett has dedicated 22 years of her education and career to helping children and youth who are the victims of extreme trauma. Holding a Masters in Educational Psychology and certification as a Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics Practitioner, Kathryn now uses her experience to train others.

Events summary

New Zealand (nationwide)

25 February 2020 – 25 February 2020

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Contact: Richard Dams

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