Explore Outdoors: Opening up Aotearoa for Everyone

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Posted: 12 December 2019
Notice reference #: 1HA3pW

Want to get out and explore some of Aotearoa's unique places? Well, this is your chance! Join us on a journey across one of New Zealand's most unique mountain areas. You will see how to plan your adventure, learn about the different forms of land ownership, and how to safely and legally cross different land types.

Throughout Aotearoa there are hundreds of tracks and trails to explore. Some of these are world famous tracks such as the Great Walks in national parks while others are in reserves or on privately owned land such as farms. On this field trip you will discover how to find your nearest tracks and trails, build your fitness and skills while enhancing your wellbeing. You will meet farmers, landowners and conservationists and see how covenants can be created to protect areas with planting projects and pest control, for you and future generations to enjoy.

To prepare for this field trip, LEARNZ content will support inquiry into:

  • The benefits of undertaking an outdoor journey
  • How to find tracks and trails in your own area
  • Gaining access to privately-owned areas of special interest
  • How special places can be protected forever
  • The rights and responsibilities of outdoor users and landholders
  • New Zealand's unique flora and fauna
  • How to prepare for your own adventure
  • Sharing trails
  • How to maintain and boost biodiversity
  • Cultural and historic stories of the area
  • Managing a variety of land uses
  • Track etiquette and following environmental care codes

During the field trip you will:

  • Follow Teanau on his outdoor journey
  • Use apps to locate suitable tracks and trails
  • Take a closer look at flora and fauna and use technology to help you identify species
  • Walk or bike the trail
  • Look at tourism and how it's managed
  • See how farmers manage land, and much more.

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New Zealand (nationwide)

18 February 2020 – 20 February 2020

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Contact: Barrie Matthews

 (027) 223 0342