Second Year PCT Manukau Programme for Teachers Teaching 0-3 Year Students

Professional development (PD) Auckland

Posted: 27 November 2019
Notice reference #: 1HA3Eo

Commencing Tuesday 18 February, a one year programme covering 6 sessions scheduled 9am to 3pm including an opening mentoring hour and closing reflective period with Jo Williams, Lead Facilitator. This programme offers continuous personal mentoring support, a line up of knowledgeable, expert facilitators, encourages collaborative networking amongst teachers.

Session 1: Starting Back! Jo Williams offers refresher information regarding the Induction-Mentoring Programme, revisiting codes-standards, setting goals, portfolios, collecting evidence-documentation in a ‘work smart’ way, reflecting on learning environments, relationships, children’s challenging behaviours, inclusive environments, communicating effectively with parents/caregivers.

Session 2: Jill Smythe demonstrates Making Maths Fun whilst Making Maths and Learning Count! Jill builds teacher/student confidence, knowledge, emphasizing how to have fun while improving numeral identification, place value, multiplication, division, fractions, proportional thinking.

Session 3: Importance of Oral Language, Sensory Experiences and Foundation Skills that Lead to the Development of Reading and Writing. Jo Williams addresses the importance of providing daily oral language opportunities and sensory experiences aiming to increase teachers’ pedagogical knowledge of the foundation skills that children in the 0-3 age range need.

Session 4: Juliette Laird fosters Inquiring Through The Arts – Building Agency Through Self Expression focusing on thinking about The Arts as a toolbox for exploring, discovering, presenting and gaining practical guidelines for organising arts activities (Visual Art and Drama/Dance).

Session 5: English Language Learners (ESOL) with Jo Williams providing discussion opportunities and support around English language learners. Developing an Inquiry, Thinking, Questioning Learning Culture provides teachers with a ‘thinking and questioning toolkit’, Thinker Keys for scaffolding, extending children’s thinking,

Session 6: Teacher’s Choice, a preferred final topic that is jointly selected including Teachers’ Presentations whereby several teachers demonstrate their leadership qualities and showcase their areas of developing expertise.

Venue/location: MIT Pasifika Community Centre, 53 Otara Road, Otara, Auckland.

Cost: $795 GST Inclusive. 



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18 February 2020 – 18 February 2020

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Contact: Alison Miller

 (027) 544 2924